Cominfo BAR SKR-DropArm

Brend: Cominfo
Kod proizvoda: Cominfo BAR SKR-DropArm
Dostupnost: Na lageru
Cena: 951,048.00 RSD
Bez PDV-a: 792,540.00 RSD
BAR–SKR–DropArm turnstile is a suitable device for any environments thanks to its compact design, impresive look and reliable operation together with the latest technology. Low operation costs and easy installation make BAR-SKR–DropArm turnstile to be the most suitable device to control the movement of persons at entrance control system with low passing frequency. High technical performance and good-quality constructional materials guarantee the reliable, safe and long-life running.

Steel tube structure tripod turnstile with Emergency drop arm
Casework - polished/brushed stainless steel
13,8VDC Fail-Safe motor
Emergency Drop Arm (ANTI-PANIC device) is included
Power supply unit not included
Napomena!!! Dodatni troškovi: 
Special surface finish - Powder coated housing - extra charge + 630€
Proizvod se poručuje rok isporuke je 15 - 45 dana


Unit type

  • Tripod motorized turnstile, bi-directional passage mode
  • Single leg base

Barrier type

  • Round barrier bars with plastic covering caps

Operating environment

  • Indoor / Outdoor

Options & accessories

  • Go Call - visual passage confirmation
  • Remote control
  • Ramp LT (mounting bases)
  • Alternative material
  • BAR-SKR-DropArm


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