Cominfo BAR EK

Brend: Cominfo
Kod proizvoda: Cominfo BAR EK
Dostupnost: Na lageru
Cena: 398,412.00 RSD
Bez PDV-a: 332,010.00 RSD
BAR EK is a tripod turnstile with stainless covering developed for the access control system. With the bi-directional entrance, BAR EK turnstile is suitable to any entrance systems. Modern control electronics provides easy setting of the operating mode and the communication with different types of the signaling devices. The BAR EK turnstile can be equipped with an automatic drop arm feature on request.

Single Leg Stainless steel tripod turnstile
Casework, tripod arms - brushed stainless steel
Tripod arms - Stainless Steel
Not suitable for outdoor without roof protection
13,8VDC Fail-Safe motor
Emergency Drop Arm (ANTI-PANIC device) is not included (extra cost)
Power supply unit not included
Proizvod se poručuje rok isporuke je 15 - 45 dana

Unit type

  • Tripod motorized turnstile, bi-directional passage mode
  • Single leg base

Barrier type

  • Round barrier bars with plastic covering caps

Operating environment

  • Indoor / Outdoor

Options & accessories

  • Go Call - visual passage confirmation
  • Emergency Drop Arm
  • Climb / Crawl sensors
  • Remote control
  • Ramp LT (mounting bases)
  • Alternative material
  • bar-ek


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