Cominfo BAR WN

Brend: Cominfo
Kod proizvoda: Cominfo BAR WN
Dostupnost: Na lageru
Cena: 744,002.28 RSD
Bez PDV-a: 620,001.90 RSD
A characteristic tripod motorized turnstile with a bi-directional passage mode. The BAR WN is a high adjustable dual leg based and suitable to either interior or exterior applications. The BAR WN tripod turnstile is also a customized tripod turnstile that could be possibly equipped or alternative material.

Tripod turnstile with high adjustable legs
Casework - Painted Polyester Powder Coated in Antique Silber
Tripod arms - Stainless Steel
Outdoor package included
13,8VDC Fail-Lock motor
Emergency Drop Arm (ANTI-PANIC device) is not available
Power supply unit not included

Proizvod se poručuje rok isporuke je 15 - 45 dana
Unit type
  • Height adjustable tripod motorized turnstile, bi-directional passage mode

Barrier type

  • Round barrier bars with plastic covering caps

Operating environment

  • Outdoor / Indoor

Options & accessories

  • RFID reader bracket (top / flush mounted)
  • WAV player
  • USB convertor / Ethernet convertor
  • EasyTouch / TouchPanel / T-MON sw
  • SuperCap (emergency power back-up)
  • Alternative surface finishes
  • Ramp LT
  • Arm protector

  • BAR WN

    BAR WN

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