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The GS series of tripod turnstiles are designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting security controlled areas. The standard model has an aisle (lane) width of 520mm and the maximum of the lane can be 600mm.

The GS tripod turnstiles design can be used in bi-directional control applications with high volume pedestrian traffic. This unit has been designed to provide a cost effective anti-tailgating pedestrian solution utilizing a tri-arm bar configuration with 3*120°movement.

Function: Passage in both directions, electronically controllable

Proizvod se poručuje rok isporuke je 15 - 45 dana

Dimension 1120x280x960mm

Unlock time 0.2s

Passage width ≤550mm

Throughput rate 35p/m

Power supply 100~240v

Operational voltage 24v

Max power consumption 35w

Frequency 50~60hz

Prectection level IP55

Working temperature -25~70  °C

Electro-magnetic drive DC

Net weight 35kg

Input 12v dry contact


l Single passage in the set direction

l Bi-directional single passage

l Free passage in the set direction

l Always free or locked

Tripod Turnstile Materials

Housing:Made in metal sheet and painted with 20/IO, or in stainless steel AISI 304 o AISI316.

Barrier swings-Plastic plate, toughened glass, stainless steel frame. 

Lid(optional)--stainless steel or artificial stone(black/brown)

Colors & Finish

High quality powder coating plus lacquered finish

Dark grey colour high quality powder coating plus lacquered finish

Ssndpaper powder coating with pearl mica effect

Card Reader Mounting

Surface mounting only of customer supplied readers

Status Lights

Upon authorization a Green arrow will illuminate in the direction of passage authorization whilst in the opposite direction a Red Cross symbol will illuminate to indicate the unit is not available for use or is already in use.

Push Button Control

Simple Push Button Console

Usage Counters(Optional)

It is available to calculate automatically the number of personnel passing through the passage and to display directly in LED for the administrator, who can understand clearly the personnel passing in a certain direction.

Drop Arm

In the event of an emergency or isolation of the power supply the horizontal tripod arm will drop automatically to create a clear walkway for escape.

Mechanical Operation

Non-electrical unit allowing free movement in one direction- reverse direction locked

Fire Control

It has far end control function for down/up rod to meet the special requirements of the users and the fire control

Card Reading W/O Memory

It has a function of reading card with or without memory, and it may be set up with the built-in small keyboard in accordance with the requirements of the users

Users Include

Government Retail/Finance/Telecommunications/Information Technology /Banking /Publishing

Leisure/Petrochemical/Education etc.

Layout Diagram


Installation Images

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