Ozak HRB Road Blocker

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  • Road Blocker with anti-terror capabilities, crash tested and certified for M50 (K-12).
  • Please download "Technical Specifications" for further details.
Power :
  • Standard 380V 3-Phase 50/60 Hz, 3,3 - 5,5 KvA motor (varies depending on blocker size).
  • Opt. 220V, 110V 1-Phase 50/60 Hz; or 24V DC (for some models/sizes only).
Control Pack:
  • 24V DC powered and PLC control unit is placed in power unit cabinet.
  • Solenoids 24V DC (Ops.12V DC / 220V AC)
  • Standard Operation ~2,5 - 6 sec. (ascend/descend) depending on unit dimensions.
  • Emergency raise up (upwards) by optional hydraulic accumulator ~1,5 sec. and may vary depending on unit dimensions.
IP Rating:
  • IP 55 - Hydraulic Power Unit,
  • IP 67 - Electronics (optional), protection with housing/box,
  • IP 68 - Hydraulic Piston
Crash / Impact Rating:
  • M50 P1 (K-12) crash tested and certified (HRB 30 R 90) according to ASTM 2656-07,
  • Designed and produced to withstand H30.
Axle Load Resistance:
  • 50T
Hydraulic Cylinder Unit:
  • Heavy duty, electrostatic powder coated, dust sealed hydraulic cylinder.
  • Models between 1- 4 meter widths contain a single piston.(Double piston versions are optionally available for models 3,5 & 4 meter widths).
  • Models between 4,5 - 6,5 meter widths contain double pistons.
  • Cylinder unit features a safety valve against leakage and hose failure.
Hydraulic Power Unit:
  • Strengthened industrial pump,
  • 60 lt oil tank capacity with magnetic metal collector and particle filter.
  • Built-in oil level and oil temperature sensor with low oil level warning.
  • 70-80 Bar pressure; maximum running pressure is 120 Bar.
  • 10 mt R2 (double wire braided mesh) reinforced hydraulic hose.
  • Down, Up, Emergency and external sensor inputs/outputs (e.g. Loop Detector, Beam Detector, Signalization, Remote Control, etc.).
  • System alerts with an audio signal during lowering and raising operation.
  • A loud siren output in case of alarm or emergency.
  • Can be lowered or raised automatically in case of emergency (User's preference).
  • Can be lowered and raised manually in case of power failure or during the maintenance service with manual pump and manual valve feature.
  • Automatic raise up mode deploys (optionally with synchronized loop detector) the road blocker after the vehicle has passed over.
  • Sensor controlled stopping both at the top and bottom positions of the blocker unit.
Power Unit:
  • Motor, hydraulic pump and solenoid valves are contained in an easily accessible hot-dip galvanized and electrostatic powder painted cabinet with a built-in lock lid. (Opt. Stainless Steel Cabinet)
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 1000x570x1200mm (WxLxH)
Blocker Cabinet (underground unit):
  • All parts are colored with industrial paint with two components.
  • U-shaped profile structure for maximum strength.
  • The blocker and cabinet are designed so that no vehicle crashing effect can displace it after embedded or installed into the ground.
Control System:
  • Manual Control Button Unit: Provided with an IP67 CRM yellow box including 3 switches for downwards, upwards, stop (optional emergency operation), can stop the block motion with the command/signal coming from detector, equipped with built-in LED visual indications and 10mt cable.
  • Compatibility with Access Control Systems: Can be utilized through, card reader, finger print, biometric systems and similar any kind of access control systems (by third parties)1
  • Optional Unit With the optional model "RB CONT.UNIT.V.001" users can monitor the diagnostic functions, can be accessed through LAN, RS485 protocols. System is provided inside a metal cabinet that also indudes the other functional switches like downward, upward,stop, emergency operations.With the built in 124x68 LCD screen, all status of the operation and system diagnostic can be monitored through messaging functions like oil status, loop or beam detectors status, water level inside the cabinet, blocker position according to user preference, any .bmp files can be displayed.The system is driven by the PLC.







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