Ozak GS538

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GS Full Height Turnstiles

Elegance Durable Reliability


The GS538 is designed to provide unsuper vised access control into, and cut of, high security facililies.


The impenetrable construction virtually eliminates any unauthorized entry to restricted areas, The rigid welded

stainless steel construction of the full height rotor turnstiles offers advanced reliability and vandal resistance,and

guarantees many years of the turnstile trouble-free operation even in unfavourable environments.


The rotor is manufactured in stainless steel and is available in either four section(90 degree) or three section

(120 degree) versions.


The use of electromagetic drive and mechanism ensure smooth and quiet operation as well as dynamic braking and


crossbars positioning.

Proizvod se poručuje rok isporuke je 15 - 45 dana

Product Name  Full Height Turnstile(Single Walkway)


Unlock   0.2s
Throughout Rate  30 person/minute
Lane's width  600mm
Power Supply  110v-240V
Power Rating Standby or Passage 50Va (Alarm Condition 50Va)
Logic Voltage 24Vdc
Orientation Pass left or Pass Right
Drive Manually Operated
Function Passage in both directions, electronically controlled
Security Passage through the “dead area” is prevented by stator bars
Power Failure In the event of power failure, 2 methods to make the full height turnstile free for entry and exit
Operating Temperature 0 to 55°C
Transportation and Storage   -25 to +55° C
Relative Humidity 95% Maximum
Motor Voltage  24V
Control Panel Voltage  12V
Material  Stainless Steel, Mild Steel & Powder Coating (Optional)
Enviroment  -25-+70
Power Consumption  35W
Prectection level IP54
Material weight  85Kgs
Frequency    50~60hz
Input Signal  12V Dry Contact, RS485, TCP/IP


Features & Benefits

Power failure options-unit remians locked or unlocked during power fail mode On board conter unit standard-retrievable by hand held module Remote mounting of control electronics possible A Self centering mechanism to ensure complete rotation of the head to the rest position An anti backup device prevents reverse rotation once the head has moved 30 degree from its rest position A hydraulic damper to ensure smooth an quiet operation



What's our full height turnstile access control diagram?

Full Height Turnstile Access Control System.png

 How to install our full height turnstile(single walkway)?

Full Height Turnstile Installation.png

Full Height Turnstile GS535 Installation Steps:

  • Please fix the full height turnstile as marked number one by one

  • Please take care to get rid of collision and deformation during installation

  • Please fix screws between housing and the support

Note: The label on the part is the order of the assembly

Packaging & Shipping

 Full Height Turnstile Packing Details.png

What's our full height turnstile dimension layout?

Full Height Turnstile Gate GS538 Dimension Layout.png

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