Ozak Flap Barrier H249

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General Description

GS Flap Barriers are designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting security controlled areas. The standard model has an aisle (lane) width of upto 600mm. Flap Barriers can be used in Uni-directional & bi-directional control applications with high volume of pedestrian traffic. Our gates are used in Applications including ITMS (Integrated Transport Management System) & AFCS (Automatic Fare Collection Systems) such as (Stadiums and Arenas, Perimeter and Interior Security, Recreation and Amusement Parks, Retail crowd control, Transit fare Collection and Lobby Access Control).

The Intelligent Flap Barriers are one of the serial products of intelligent passage management system from our product portfolio. It possess a high level of superiority which is uncomparable with the traditional management mode. For Instance, as per the traditional management mode, there could be high degree of manpower and material involvement, a lot of time consumption for controlling the right of passenger for passing or on tolling or even counting of the passenger which in turn would result in low efficiency. this problem can however be solved by Intelligent Passage Management Products through the scientific crystallization of the highly developed social civilization, thereby opening the new era of scientific management.

The outline of the product is formed after pressing the stainless steel plate. The shape is featured as pleasing in appearance, righteous, stainless and durable. The system is provided with a standard electric interface which is easily integrated into the product with read/write facilities. A special control system is quipped within the product to meet the requirement of fire control, so that the smooth passage flow is ensured, realizing timely diverting of passengers. The product is featured as stable, safe and reliable in performance and can be used widely in the places where passenger flow is high but monitoring is needed such as in stations, harbors and guest houses

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1. Rapid identification technique, available to identify accurately and efficiently the magnetic cards, bar code cards, ID cards and IC cards.

2. With normally open & normally closed working mode

3. Real time failure self-detect and alarm indication, ensuring system safe operation and facilitating maintenance and operation.

4. With direction indication, guides passenger for entry and exit.

5. Automatic counting and displaying of number of passengers, facilitating observation and displaying total amount which is as high as 90,000. (Optional)

6. Sound (Light is optional) alarm indication function, prevents illegal entry or irregular passing.

7. Powerful on-line intelligent control mode, facilitating you:

A. To adjust the speed of operation of the barrier according to the flow of passenger and to improve

the passing rate.

B. To setup operation mode for passage entry and exit.

C. To read a card multiple times, the special function meeting the applicationsite requirement

D. To set up the card reading with or without memory.

E. To select a reasonable normally open or close mode, to divert effectively the flow of passenger.

F. To have humanized setting function for reset of over time passing.

8. After the system power is cut off, the plate barrier starts the standby of power the barrier, so that the passage is ensured to be smooth and to divert the flow of passengers timely.

9. The infrared sensing technique realizes real time monitoring of the passage, safe protection and tail-proof.

10. The treatment mode in emergency or in special conditions.

11. Having standard input/output port, facilitating the integration of the system and the other equipment, available for far end control and management.

12.The Super strong combination capability, with the combined application of products of different passage types and series, not affecting the systems performance.

13. Strong systems expending capability, facilitates to add new product at any time.

14. Far end control management: function of far end control of barrier mode, enables meeting the special requirements of the users and the fire protection.

15. Product Structure: The Structure of the product is mainly composed of mechanical systems and the electric control systems.

Layout Dimension

Flap Barrier Access Control Diagram

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